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Estate Sales

A family estate sale can be frustrating and overwhelming. Clean Slate Organizers understands the hassle and is here to provide you with all the information you need and will use the utmost professionalism in conducting your estate sale. Clean Slate Organizers is willing to meet with you and offers a free consultation at your home to decipher the details of the estate sale project. Clients will be satisfied with our thorough and professional service that leaves no stone unturned while preparing and conducting estate sales. We will assist you with the decision-making process regarding the items you want to sell or keep in your possession.

A fair market value will be reached for each item and our experience with consultants and estate sales in general will provide you with the best way to gain the most monetary value from your items and property. The highest profit will accompany your estate sale because Clean Slate Organizers will be sure to find the exact market for your item and will create an air of integrity and trust for your estate sale that you would not be able to have without the help of Clean Slate Organizers.

Clean Slate Organizers serves all of Orange County including Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach. We work in all of these areas by providing you with the valuable service of organizing your estate sales and we can even utilize eBay and other dealers or auctioneers’ brokering and consignments to fulfill the satisfying amount of profit that you hope to receive in your estate sale. We are loyal and we follow the philosophy that good customer service is good business. So do not fret about any upcoming estate sales you may have, just call Clean Slate Organizers for the best and most honest interactions with you, the client, the seller and the buyers.

Estate services can be a personable and exciting way to shop for market value items that are wonderful unsold finds from the in-home estate sales that Clean Slate Organizers conducts. You can peruse the items we have available for sale at fair market prices. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do you know if you are in need of having an estate sale in your home?

If you have a large quantity of items to sell, an estate sale is your best bet. Sometimes this occurrence happens when a family member passes away or an elderly family member is taken to a retirement home. In some cases, a divorce, downsizing and moving from the residence can be the underlying reasons behind hosting an estate sale. It is better to have Clean Slate Organizers work on your estate sale than to choose one buyer and make less of a profit by selling every item to them.

How long are the sales and what do estate sales encompass?

Clean Slate Organizers will hold a 2 to 3 day sale and the last day has a 50% off sale. We can contact a liquidator to make sure that all items are bought. We offer ways to pick up unsold items through charities and other donation resources. If you would like to handle those left over items yourself, you are welcome to and we will discuss this before the sale takes place.

Do I need to clean up before you come to evaluate my items for the estate sale?

No. Please do not clean up, throw out items or move items. Unless you are trying to keep or pass on items to family members, do not touch a thing in your home. This may ruin your chance of a virgin estate that the public can shop through and happen upon exactly the random items they were hoping to find. We want to strengthen your estate sale. There is no need to strip away and clean the home for Clean Slate Organizers because this will make you lose some unnoticed and unique ways of profiting off your possessions.

Do I need to have antiques included in the estate sale to have it be successful?

Clean Slate Organizers deals with many estate sales that do not include collectibles or antiques. Simple, daily use items are still worth selling rather than donating or throwing away. Your estate sale can be very successful without antiques.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my estate sale?

Whenever you contact Clean Slate Organizers, you are setting the estate sale in motion and it can take place in a few weeks depending on the number of sales we are servicing and your own schedule. Clean Slate Organizers will do everything we can to provide you with the best timing for the sale.

How long does the preparation and sale actually take to conduct?

This all depends on the amount of items in the home that you will be selling at the estate sale. We will need about 7 days to set up a small estate sale and if this is not quick enough for you, we will do everything in our power to set up, advertise and conduct the sale as quickly as possible.

What is included in the estate sale service you provide?

Clean Slate Organizers will organize, clean and display all household items for the sale. Beforehand, we will research, evaluate and price each item. Our team will walk around looking for opportunities to encourage sales. We have a first-come, first-served sign-in sheet to create a fluid and easy sale. All of the advertising that is necessary to have a fruitful estate sale will be done by Clean Slate Organizers and will include website postings, photos, Penny Saver, Craigslist, newspaper and magazine ads, good, old fashioned signs, and emails to hundreds of our subscribers.

What if I change my mind about going through with the planned estate sale?

If the sale must be cancelled or modified, we charge for the time and expenses incurred during the preparation process that Clean Slate Organizers executes. Sometimes a penalty fee will be processed, but usually this is unlikely as is a family deciding to cancel a pending estate sale once they have contacted Clean Slate Organizers.

How will I know what items were sold and for what amount?

We will contact you with an inventory list that includes the more expensive items sold and the prices they were sold for during the estate sale. A final settlement will accompany this later on which will include the advertising materials and any special items that you may have included in the sale.

Where does Clean Slate Organizers operate?

Clean Slate Organizers operates in Southern California in the Orange County cities and towns and we primarily work in the coastal areas.

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